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Personalised Training program

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The main element of our coaching is built upon personalised training for runners of varying abilities and ambitions. We pride ourselves on giving training plans and training sessions that work with people's schedules and what are specific to your goals. Our training plans are based heavily on science and knowledge acquired from leading research and knowledge built through our own experiences as elite runners.  


To initiate your interest in a bespoke program please fill out an application form below and the Head Coaches will be in touch to organise your free consultation. Please read below to find out more information about our services.

What does a Personalised Plan contain?

1. Detailed personalised training plan made on the software Final Surge sent out weekly.


2. Weekly training analysis with your Coach to talk through your training plan and upcoming goals and daily communication available with your coach to talk about running or anything else.


3. Access to over 30 available organised group or 1-1 running/S&C sessions each week in the North East of England and virtual Zoom sessions.


4. Access to 1 x lower limb,1 x core, 1 x yoga on Zoom, and 1 x written S&C session every week.


5. Access to exclusive Team NEP club kit. An extra 5% gains! 

6. Access to the main WhatsApp group where educational posts are written and further information on upcoming training camps are posted.


The price of a personalised training plan is between £40 to £60 per month depending on contact time. The first week is free to see if you like our setup and there's no problem if it's just not for you. 

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Biomechanical and TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS

The correct running form ensures that we create and maintain linear momentum, reduce joint impact, reduce injury, minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency and economy.

Our biomechanical analysis uses video analysis and a functional movement test to identify strengths and weaknesses in your running movement. Our tests are also specific to your event. Each session is 60 minutes and includes a detailed report with training recommendations. 

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NEP Beginners

This program is aimed at beginners who are either at the very start of their journey or returning to the sport after time out. The program will safely progress your running and give you the necessary skills and confidence for a lifelong journey in the sport.


It's an 8-week transition from nothing to 5k and beyond including personalised coaching from Coach Kieran plus group training, strength and conditioning, and mindset activities.




Junior Talent program

Our junior talent program is focused on developing the next generation of stars in the UK. Our Juniors will be personally coached by Kieran including 1-1 training, group training, S&C and invites to our training weekends. Our philosophy is about preparing for the long term and introducing our juniors to good practice using a sports science approach.

Upon signing up you will receive a NEP racing vest, bag, and cap!


The program is open to ages 11 - 18. Get in touch to find out more.

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Strength & Conditioning Classes

These workouts are perfect to make you stronger and less likely to get injured. They are what we give out as part of being on a NEP training plan but this way you can reap the benefits if you aren’t on one yourself. Very few elite athletes disclose their strength work so this is a great opportunity

There are a few different options to be involved:

  • £25 per month inlcuding 1 x Canova Circuits, 1 x HardCORE, 1 x Yoga, 1 x personalised session + feedback weekly.

Click on the link below to find out more and get involved!

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