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Personalised Training program

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There are many options to buy training plans online and there is now a huge bank of good/bad information out there but there are very few options to work with a coach who wants to get to know you. Really it is not the training plan that is important but how you respond to the training and then the adaptions made to move forward.

There is no correct way to train every runner, only the method that works for you and that's what we care about. 

What does a Personalised Plan contain?

1. First we will set you up on a app called Final Surge. This is where your personalised plan will be made and edited in 7-9 day cycles.

2. Before writing your week I will look at your previous training and any comments relating to your training / lifestyle that may effect the plan. We will also have an introductory meeting so I can get to know you more.

3. I will edit each day of your plan, nothing is copied from somewhere else as your plan is unique to your genetics, strengths, weaknesses, target events, and lifestyle.

4. I will include training paces on each activity in either min/mile or min/km, whichever you prefer as well as other metrics which I feel will be useful.

5. There will be a mix of easing running, harder sessions, strength training, drills, and notes spread across the week to guide you as well as informative content posted out in our community groups.

6. See below for the club schedule for group sessions and strength sessions on Zoom together which is included in your personalised coaching.

A guide to how the club works

Weekly Club Structure (posted in the Team WhatsApp group every weekend):

Monday - 6pm Group Session in Sedgefield / 8pm Full Body Circuits Live on Zoom.

Tuesday - 10:30am / 1pm / 2:30pm / 6:30pm Group Sessions in Teesside.

Wednesday - 1-1s from 10am to 1pm / 5pm Group Session in Sedgefield or Durham area / 7:30pm CORE session Live on Zoom.

Thursday - 10:30am / 1pm / 2:30pm / 6:30pm Group Sessions in Teesside.

Friday - 1-1s available 10am to 4:30pm / Yoga Recording released at 6pm.

Saturday - Main Group Session at 10am in North East

Sunday - Group Long Run at 9am in North East


1. Consistent application to the plan and giving feedback to the Coach on a weekly basis.

2. Showing up to sessions if you are local to the North East and getting involved in the NEP community.

3. Embracing new training theory and commiting to the educational elements.

4. Being supportive to the rest of the team.

5. Being committed to your strength training plan and extra 1% gains.

6. Representing Team NEP in the running community. 

7. Long term vision with long term commitment.

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Biomechanical Analysis

This service is included as part of the NEP membership but for athletes not under our coaching we offer a biomechanical assessment which includes taking several videos at different speeds then producing a report which looks at key markers such as heel kick, torso position, gaze etc. We will then give you a PDF report including specific drills and S&C exercises to improve your running form. This test can be done both in person and virtual.

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Junior Talent program

We have a growing interest in personalised coaching for junior athletes, it's an honour to be involved in their development. We start coaching at 12 years old and follow a similar approach to the NEP adults in the form of a personalised program, strength training classes and biomechanical analysis but we place a greater importance on long term development and education whilst at this younger age.

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Strength & Conditioning Classes

Again this is included within the NEP membership but for runners not in NEP this is a great package to add alongside your running and take off the stress of not knowing what to do in the S&C department. This is what the NEP S&C package involves:

Monday night 8pm LIve on Zoom and recorded - Full Body Circuits. A 45 minute running specific class coached by Kieran Walker.


Wednesday night 7:30pm Live and recorded on Zoom - HardCORE. A 40 minute core and stability class building on the mundane traditional core training methods  and making it specific to running.

Friday Yoga and Runners recovery released as a recording. This is a 30 minute session to improve your range of motion for running and keep you injury free.

Weekly heavy lifting program personalised to you with demonstration videos, sets, reps, and load guidance.


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