The leading athletics provider for runners of all abilities in the North East of England.


Whether it is group training you are looking for or a personalised training plan to improve your performance. Our community and knowledgeable coaches can help make you the best version of yourself.  

NEP sessions are delivered all over the North East but most of the team are located in County Durham and Teesside. We have regular set group sessions which bring a personalised philosophy to the group running environment. 90% of the club are coached through a personalised training plan which factors in a mix of 1-1s, small personalised groups, and larger mixed ability groups. Please see our group sessions and personalised plan offer below:


NEP Sedgefield 

Focused and mixed ability group sessions.

1. Group running sessions based in Sedgefield, Durham for all abilities to progress their running.

2. Led by Coach Kieran.

3. Locations include Hardwick Park, Ceddesfield Hall, Netpark.


£4 a session


Nep  Middlesbrough

Focused and mixed ability group sessions.

1. Group running sessions based in Middlesbrough. The go-to running group to take your running to the next level in Teesside.

2. Led by Coach Ben.​

3. Locations include Stewart Park, Albert Park, Flatts Lane, Tees Barrage, Pinchinthorpe.



£4 a session


NEP Personalised Plan

A mixture of 1-1s, small groups and mixed ability groups.

  1. Personalised training plan on our app Final Surge.

  2. Access to 3 key Zoom S&C and Yoga sessions each week.

  3. Up to 4 specific sessions a week with your coach, a minimum of two depending on your availability.

  4. Personalised paces, HR, and training zones. 


Between £40-£60 per month.