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1. What ability do you need to be to join us?

We coach all abilities and pride ourselves on being fully inclusive to all. You will also get a tremendous amount of support from the wider club community.

2. How are we different from the rest of the National running community?


Head Coaches Kieran and Will were dissatisfied with the direction the UK's running community was heading and wanted to create a club that was specific to the individual and one free of politics and traditional cliques. Modernisation and a professional approach to coaching are of the highest priority.

3. What does a typical training week look like?

Your week is personalised to you but key themes involve easy running to build your aerobic house, strength and conditioning to build your foundations, and key sessions aimed at target paces to get you closer to your goal. Every PR athlete has their own personalised training plan on an app, we also meet up to deliver your key sessions with you in person either as part of a 1-1 session or in a group environment.

4. How much does it cost to train with us?

Our training plans and sessions combined are between £45 to £60 per month depending on the amount of contact time with your coach. You may cancel at any time if you feel the program isn't working for you.

5. What does the first training session involve?

Your first session with your coach will involve a baseline measurement of current running fitness and a chat on developing your personalised plan around your goals. It's a big step forward in your running journey and we are here to help guide you to the next level.


7. How can I be involved if I don’t live local to the Coaches?


Our team has a large virtual platform with a team WhatsApp information and social group. We also deliver 4 Zoom sessions each week covering lower body circuits, core, Pilates, and Yoga for everyone to get involved. We race all over the UK, whether it be GNR, London Marathon, or our training weekends away, they are inclusive for everyone across the UK to join.

8. If I am injured will I still be supported?

Our community has a big support network to help injured members. Firstly we will provide a personalised S&C training plan to support your rehab. For your mental and social health, we have a team of Welfare Officers, Ambassadors, and Mentors to support you whilst injured.

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