How does the Program work?

The NEP program is built on 4 key principles:

  • Commitment: There is an expectation to commit fully to the program. Motivation changes but commitment should never change.

  • Ownership: The coaches are here to guide and support you but it is you who takes ownership of the program. You are in the driving seat of the plan.

  • Responsibility: You are accountable for your own training and responsible for your actions. It must be clear what you are/not accountable for.

  • Excellence: The main focus of the program should be that we are heading to be the best we can individually be in everything that we do. Personal excellence.

The main features of the Program are:

  • 1. 1-1 personal sessions, small personalised group sessions (2-6 athletes), and larger mixed ability group sessions (12 -15 athletes) which are organised by the coaches based on your availability given on Google Sheets.


  • 2. The weekly group long run every Sunday which is graded into groups of similar ability. Situated across Durham/Teesside.


  • 3. Zoom S&C and Yoga sessions. Monday 7:50pm, Wednesday 7:50pm, Friday 6:30pm. These sessions are also recorded on your personalised plan.


  • 4. 1-1 and small personalised outdoor S&C/rehab sessions. Highly specific to develop key running movement patterns and running-specific strength.


  • 5. An individual athlete performance review every 1-2 months to establish clear goals and measure progress.

Below is an example week of a personalised plan. Our plans are delivered on an app called Final Surge.







Your plan includes personalised training paces, zones, and heart rate values accessible on the app under settings in the Power/HR/Paces tab.




When you sync your Strava, Garmin Connect or Polar Flow to Final Surge, specific workout data will come through such as below. You can also place comments, feelings, injury reports on each workout.









Personal Paces/HR/Effort chart:

Our feedback mechanism. If your Strava/Garmin is connected to FS then we will receive information on how well the session went. Here's our coding system below:



Example of a week..jpg
Workout stats 1.png
Workout stats graph.jpg
The dots.jpg
1-1 SESSIONS.jpg
Outdoor S&C.jpg