#nepmile Race REVIEW

The North East Project May Mile brought 123 runners from the North East together to compete in a age-graded league table throughout the month. We would like to thank every one of you for taking part and giving it your all! So here is how the race played out...

The world record holder of 50km and local GB hero Aly Dixon was our early leader with a 5:12 mile. However the North East running community grasped the challenge of taking on an Olympian and everyone upped their game. By the 13th May, Heather Robinson of Jarrow was in top spot after a 6:26 mile. She would remain in this postion for the next 18 days. By the 20th May, Darlington harriers sent their leading females to challenge Haether at the top. Bernadette Caygill and Sue Phillips ran miles of 5:22 and 6:16 respectively which earned them 2nd and 3rd place. Sensing the threat, Heather improved her mile time to 6:19 by the 22nd May. At this point you needed an age graded performance of 80% or more to feature in the top 10. In the final week, Alastair Johnson of Gosforth pulled out an awesome mile performance of 4:47. However this wasn't enough to take the lead but good enough for a very respectable 3rd place. By the 27th May, Heather yet again pulled out another exceptional performance, this time running 6:14 to extend her lead even further. Victory looked like it was just around the corner, however Sue Phillips had better ideas. On the very last day of the competition. With hours remaining. Sue produces the greatest performance of the whole competition running 6:08, taking the win with an age graded time of 4:41!

Top 3 Milers

1st place: Sue Phillips (Darlington Harriers) - 89.17% with a graded mile time of 4:41.

2nd place: Heather Robison (Jarrow & Hebburn A.C.) - 88.99% with a graded mile time of 4:42.

3rd place: Bernadette Caygill (Darlington Harriers) - 87.29% with a graded mile time of 4:48.

A special mention must go to our young star of the competition, Niamh Adams who showed the most magnificent progression and dedication throughout the month. Niamh improved her mile time from 8:06, 7:39, 7:15 then finally to 6:58. She is definitely a star to look out for in the future! A big well done from us.

Final Mile Standings

All of your donations have went towards supporting Age UK. Thank you very much!

Good luck if you are competing in our Dream Team 5K!

Best Wishes,

Kieran and Ben

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